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iRideInside – Now Available

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Take your indoor cycling class to go with iRideInside, an app that provides you with “ready-made” as well as “customizable” workouts so that you can get in a great ride anywhere you want and for any amount of time. Choose from a selection of experienced instructors that ride right along with you and push you harder than you ever thought you could go. Whether you are a beginner just wanting to get in shape or an avid cyclist looking to stay fit, iRideInside is the app for you.


- Video clips (note these are clips, not full video) of the instructors that help to prompt you when exercises change throughout the workout.

- Full audio of each instructor’s workout.

- Choose the music playlist provided by the instructor or create one from your iTunes library.

- Choose ready-made workouts or customize your own.

- Customize what icons are displayed on the screen, including total elapsed time, rate of perceived exertion (RPE), and cadence.

- On-screen display includes total workout time as well as a countdown timer for each section.

- Expert information on bike fit, hand positions, equipment, nutrition, stretching, etc.

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First Time Triathlon – Now Available

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* * * NOW AVAILABLE on the App Store * * * 1stTimeTri

( For the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch )

Have you ever wanted to complete a triathlon?
1stTimeTri (First Time Triathlon) will help you
accomplish this goal.

Written by a triathlon coach and former professional triathlete, 1stTimeTri
provides a personalized, detailed 12-week workout plan to prepare you
for a sprint (short-distance) triathlon.

Whether you are a beginner to the sport, or an experienced cyclist, swimmer or runner who wants to
cross over into triathlons, 1stTimeTri is for you.

(For more details, click here to go to our 1stTimeTri page)

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