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Have you ever wanted to complete a triathlon?

1stTimeTri (First Time Triathlon) will help you
accomplish this goal.

Written by a triathlon coach and former professional triathlete, 1stTimeTri
provides a personalized, detailed 12-week workout plan to prepare you
for a sprint (short-distance) triathlon.

Whether you are a beginner to the sport, or an experienced cyclist, swimmer or runner who wants to
cross over into triathlons, 1stTimeTri is for you.


- Metric system added. You can now choose between yards or meters.
- Workouts now automatically brings you to the current day’s workout.
- Workout Details screen now has a button to go directly to Workout Progress.
- Added a couple more references to sites useful for finding Triathlon events.
- Included option to clear all workout records when new Race Date is chosen.
- Workout Details screen now displays currently chosen skill level.
- Various other user interface enhancements.
- Bug fixes.

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